What is Alliance for Humane Biotechnology?


Genetic modification of plants, animals, and humans is transforming our world and ourselves.  These biotechnological developments, well underway, pose a challenge:  can we create a “humane” biotechnology, one that minimizes conflicts of interest and maximizes transparency, accountability, safety, and social justice?  It starts with you, and Alliance for Humane Biotechnology (AHB) is here to help.   AHB guides you through the political, economic, social, and cultural factors giving rise to human genetic engineering and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).  It clarifies how the processes long converting the natural environment into biological commodities are the same processes now spurring human commodification.  

Check out "AHB 101."  It offers a thumbnail sketch, short videos, and a few readings on the cultural politics of biotechnological development.  Throughout the site, look for AHB NOTES for explanations of terminology, concepts, or technologies.  An AHB QUERY offers a challenge or reflection.

Please bookmark our site.  Tell your Facebook or other social networking friends and colleagues about AHB.  And be sure to visit TAKE ACTION for suggestions on how you can help work for a humane biotechnology.




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